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+ALPRAUSCH a story of a unique tribe based in Zurich, Switzerland, who have created a line of clothing outerwear and accessories with a style that dares to combine classic Swiss tradition, with modern street and snow culture. What started as a local Swiss project in 2000, +Alprausch has slowly spread into a global phenomenon. Though the company has matured internally, we run by the same philosophy and principles we started with. It is our true intention to share with the world all of the things that make our everyday lives so special. Enjoying a sharp contrast to other brands, fans are reminded every season that, +Alprausch is a family of people not willing to give in to fashion dictated by the masses. Creativity, style, fit and function, these are attributes that we feel make clothing special. By working with our own ideals and style, we have created a line of clothing that is often times viewed as somewhat 'against the grain'. By embedding positive Swiss ideals into inspirational styles, we offer a concept and a story to people who posses originality and the need to live and dress apart from the rest.


The technical jackets of +Alprausch fullfill the needs for the activ life crowd. Therefore we are implementing 4 key elements in our styles: function, material, wearing comfort and style. Our intention is to bring you the best in comfort and style and we are constantly testing and using all elements in our daily life.


When dupont scientists originally created THERMOLITE®, nature was their role model. They discovered that polar bears have fur containing thousands of tiny air pockets that create greater insulation. From this simple discovery THERMOLITE® and its hollow core fibers were born. THERMOLITE® provides warmth and comfort without weight even when wet. When we heard this story, we figured people in the mountain who choose to play in showers of frozen water would appreciate knowing we use fabrics designed to rival the performance of an animal that spend a huge portion of its life submerged in snow, ice and freezing water.


PRIMALOFT ONE is the highest performing insulation on the market for warmth, water resistance, softness and  compressibility. PRIMALOFT ONE is an ultra fine microfiber insulation that is as warm, soft and lightweight, and is warmer wet or dry than all other insulations.


The zipper is made of three major parts, the slider, the elements (teeth) and the tape. There’s also the top and bottom stops if you really want to split hairs, but like most people, you probably don’t spend a single second of your day thinking about zippers. For that reason we choose YKK zippers. YKK is the largest zipper manufacturer in the world and they work!

Thermocoat 5

THERMOCOAT 5™ softshell fabric is a technology breakthrough our signature stretch material has an abrasion and water resistance face and a comfortable soft brushed interior.

Thermocoat 10

THERMOCOAT 10™ hardshell is a 3 layer pro shell fabric, one of the most waterproof and breathable fabrics ever constructed and designed to keep you moving through the most extreme conditions. All our THERMOCOAT 10™ hardshell garments are always fully taped seams to protect you from the water and snow.

Thermocoat 15

fabrics offer plenty of waterproofing and breathability to keep the warm air in and the moisture out. For trusted performance, with THERMOCOAT 15™ you can step out into any weather with confidence knowing you’ll stay dry and comfortable all day long.

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